Sunday 23rd March 2003

It struck me during the course of the evening that watching Throwing Muses live was one of my favourite things that I hadn't managed to do once in the entire span of my 30s. Which is pretty weird. So you'll forgive me if I confess to feeling slightly tearful as TM launched into the second song this evening. (Second rather than first because the opener was more Muffled than Furious!)

The big question was - would TM live again after so long be echoes of past glories or a reaffirmation of the band's greatness? Daft question.

The new LP was really starting to worm its way into my consciousness by the gig so that any fears about this gig were reduced to minimal.

Overall this was a full frontal assault well in tune with the feel of the LP, which featured strongly in the setlist. Which was fine by me for 2 reasons -1) I'm not a big fan of reunions for nostalgia's sake, and 2) it proves that TM are still contemporary.

Some minor criticisms first. Kristin's vocals were a bit low in the mix at times and perhaps the almost unrelenting run of new songs from SolarDip until Portia was a little too much. (Unless of course they had played Half Blast, which inexplicably they didn't). Oh yeah and I would have loved to have heard more of University and Limbo, but that's life.

Basically it was wonderful to see TM live again, period. Highlights? Lots, the triple salvo of Shark, Start and. Bea, for a kick-off, incendiary versions of Pandora's Box, Hazing, Civil Disobedience and Flying. And Bright Yellow Gun of course. The encores were pretty intense too with Mania a blur of white noise and Pearl a great way to finish.

I love this band and, whilst it's possible, maybe even likely, that I won't get the chance to ever see them again, I just hope that isn't the case.

Set list

1. Furious 2. Shark 3. Start 4. Bea 5. SolarDip 6. Los Flamingos 7. Pandora's Box 8. Hazing 9. Civil Disobedience 10. Speed and Sleep 11. Limbo 12. Pretty Or Not 13. Mercury 14. Portia 15. Bright Yellow Gun 16. Flying 17. Two Step

18. Vicky's Box 19. Mania

20. Pearl

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